A glance about housing in Utrecht

Dear Friends,

If you’re prospective students, who’re currently have no idea about housing in Utrecht, we would be happy to provide some information that might be useful for you.

As Utrecht is located in the centre of Holland, many people want to live in Utrecht due to its accessibility benefit. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a room/house in Utrecht.

Please note that article below is a general information. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ppi.utrecht[at]gmail.com

Housing in Utrecht


In Utrecht, students typically live in a single room. Please note that the definition of single room is a room that is rented by:

  • An Indonesian/Dutch family who lives in Utrecht. Rent price costs between EUR 450 and 600 per month. For certain cases, this cost includes catering services. In this case, you live in a single room so that other facilities (e.g. bathroom, kitchen) are shared with the family.
  • You rent a single room from agent. Rent price depends on location, principally between EUR 400 and 650. Please visit Pararius’s website . You can also browse for the facilities that are offered by the agent.
  • If you want an exclusive facilities, you can consider to live in a studio. A studio is a single room that exclusively has a bathroom, a small living room, and a kitchen. Please visit: Kamernet’s website OR Pararius’s website for more information.
  • You pay for a sublet room. The price is quite cheap (EUR 250-350). This is usually a temporary room because the people who sublet their room do not use their room for certain period time (i.e. holiday). This option is not recommended due to insecure rent period but this is suitable if you temporary live in Utrecht OR you are about to find other housing less than 1 month. Please remember that you have to register your address in the municipality (Dutch: Gementee) upon arrival in the Netherlands.
  • Campus usually offers you to live in SSH. The price for SSH varies, but it is usually more expensive. However, they provide convenience facilties, in which the most important one is close to your campus. SSH has renting period for 1 year and non-extendable. It means that you have to find rent another room, in the case when your contract is over

In a case if somebody offers you a housing, please kindly ask clearly about the possibility to register your address in the Gementee. It can be too risky in the early time of your arrival to stay unregistered.

It is also possible to live at the house that is rented by another students. PhD students typically rent a quite big house. Besides PhD students and their family, there are usually another rooms for two or three people that are possible to be occupied in the same house.

If you’re lucky to find them, that is an advantage for you. Also, it may be more convenient to live at the same place with your countrymen, especially in the beginning of your study period. As newcomer, at least, you can ask many things while you’re about to start your new life in Utrecht.

At the moment, many of PPI Utrechters and Indonesian people live in Overvecht, Utrecht. It is a quite convenient area located in the Northern part of Utrecht. Relatively close to city centre and campus (centrum and de Uithof). Price rent varies between 400 EUR and 550 EUR, depends on facilities and services.

Good luck with your finding endeavour 🙂



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