A glance about housing in Utrecht

Dear Friends,

If you’re prospective students, who’re currently have no idea about housing in Utrecht, we would be happy to provide some information that might be useful for you.

As Utrecht is located in the centre of Holland, many people want to live in Utrecht due to its accessibility benefit. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a room/house in Utrecht.

Please note that article below is a general information. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ppi.utrecht[at]gmail.com


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Tentang PPI Utrecht

PPI Utrecht merupakan organisasi perhimpunan pelajar Indonesia yang terdiri dari pelajar Indonesia yang sedang menempuh pendidikan di Provinsi Utrecht, Belanda. Kegiatan utama PPI Utrecht mencakup kegiatan akademik, diplomasi kebudayaan, dan…

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