UID 2017: Culinary Bazaar

There are four food stands that will fulfill your gastronomy of Indonesian foods, e.g:

1. Pempek Elysha
Pempek Elysha is a restaurant which served Indonesian cuisine in Den Haag. As its name, the speciality of this restaurant is Pempek Palembang. Address: Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan 124, 2273 KT Voorburg. Contact: 070 201 5750.

Pempek with its signature sauce.

2. Lapek Jo
Lapek Jo is a professional Indonesian food vendor which can be found in several Indonesian cultural events. Sate Padang is the most famous menu from Lapek Jo.  The speciality of Lapek Jo is Padang cuisine. Address: Jan Wapstraat 172, 2523 GM Den Haag. Contact: 062 692 3145.

Full dish of Nasi Padang.

3. Coto Makassar Ida
Farida Sinrang is one of a regular vendor of Utrecht Indonesian Day. This year, Coto Makassar is her special menu for UID 2017. Who doesn’t love Coto Makassar! Based in Overvecht, Utrecht. Contact: 061 123 0241.

The one and only Coto Makassar.

4. Annisa Utrecht
Annisa is Indonesian women group in Overvecht, Utrecht. This year, Annisa participates in UID 2017 with its various Indonesian traditional snacks.  Don’t miss the special cendol ice and pandan cake from Annisa! Contact: 062 815 6566.

Many variety of Kue Basah (snack).

5. Waroeng Indomie
Who doesn’t know Indomie? Indomie is the most delicious instant noodle out there. And the best thing is you can buy your Indomie at UID 2017!

Variety of Indomie flavour.


PS: Don’t forget to bring your cash!
Have you already decided what you want to buy? You can check the full menu and order it online here.
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