UID 2017: Invitation for Children to Participate in Drawing Competition


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Dear children, dear teachers

Please accept our invitation to participate in the drawing and coloring competition of Utrecht Indonesian Day (UID) 2017. During the last three years of the events, Utrecht Indonesian Day (UID) becomes a symbol of a cultural event that provides the chance to maintain and strengthen the unique bond among Indonesian diaspora and the local community in the Netherlands. The celebration of UID had consistently highlighted the various aspect of the assimilation between the two nations. This attempt attracted a lot of attentions and supports of around 400 visitors each year.

This year, Indonesian Students’ Association in Utrecht (PPI Utrecht) determines to bring back the excitement of UID with a distinct theme of ‘Indonesian traditional games.’ It is expected that UID 2017 can be used by the modern families, either Indonesian, Dutch, mixed, or others, to introduce the traditional games that start to extinct despite its precious norm and educational values. We believe that UID 2017 will be the best event that provides the experience for everyone to observe, involve, and enjoy the Indonesian culture, especially the merriness of its traditional games.

Hoping you will find an inspiration in this year’s theme, we are looking forward to your entries.


The theme of Utrecht Indonesian day 2017 is INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL GAME

Competition and Eligibility Condition

I. CATEGORY A: Coloring Competition for 4-7 year old

1. Eligible for children within age 4-7 year old
2. Choosing one from the pictures below:
Picture A.1 (link download)
Picture A.2 (link download)
Picture A.3 (link download)
3. Paper size: A4,  80 – 100 gsm
4. Free to use any coloring tools

II. CATEGORY B: Coloring Competition for 7-10 year old

1. Eligible for children within age 7-10 year old
2. Choosing one from the below pictures:
Picture B.1 (link download)
Picture B.2 (link download)
Picture B.3 (link download)
3. Paper size: A4, 80 – 100 gsm
4. Free to use any coloring tools

III. CATEGORY C: Drawing Competition for 10-15 year old

1. Eligible for children within age 10-15 year old
2. Theme: traditional game
3. Paper size: A4, 80 – 100 gsm
4. Free to use any drawing and coloring tools

Labelling of Artworks

To label competing artworks, please, use the attached WORK IDENTIFICATION Label (see below). Each work must have the following information on the back side:
a. Coloring/drawing category (A/B/C).
b. Surname and name  of the child/participant  (give them in the following order: 1 surname, 2 name).
c. Age.
d. Name and full address of the school or organization responsible for sending the work (name of the school, street, postcode, city, country). Information on awards will be sent to this address later.
e. E-mail address of the organization to be used for communication on the exhibition – please, indicate the website of the school, the current e-mail address of the school or organization and an e-mail address of the art teacher(s) responsible for sending in the works so that they could be informed on the competition.
f. If a child participate as an individual, indicate their name, age and home address, including an e-mail for communication (of a parent of theirs).

Label for participant managed by school or organisation:

Label for individual participant:


  • All of the drawing and coloring result will be judged by juries with criteria:
    1. Color composition (20%)
    2. Beauty/ artistry (30 %)
    3. Tidiness (30 %)
    4. Coloring/drawing technique (20 %)
  • The top 10 of each category will exhibit on 10th of September start from 11.00-14.30
  • The visitor will vote for the top three winners and will be announced around 14.45

Important Dates:

Opening competition: 10 August 2017 – 2 September 2017

Selection by judges: 2 September 2017 – 9 September 2017

Exhibition of top-10: 10 September 2017 (ZIMIHC Theater Stefanus 2 Braziliëdreef, 3563 CK Utrecht) start from 11.00-14.30, followed with announcement of the winner at 14.45 pm


  1. Trophy for top three winners
  2. Gift package for top three winners
  3. Certificate for top three, top ten and all participants

Please send your entries to the following address:

Stichting Generasi Baru (De Bazelstraat 31, 3555 CR Utrecht, Netherlands)

(Attention: at the latest 2 September 2017)

Contact Details:

Febru    : +31682679148

Email    : ppi.utrecht@gmail.com

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