UID 2017 Main Events: Let’s Play!!!

The Let’s Play workshop will be lead directly by Hong Community. Here are their profile and what will we do during the workshop.

Hong Community

Hong community had been initiated at the first time in 1996 by Mohamad Zaini Alif. Kang Zaini -Mohamad Zaini Alif’s nickname- has conducted several types of research about toys and traditional games. He started his research in Bandung, West Java. His work gained public attention, especially children to gather for playing some traditional games and even make their toys by themselves. This gathering activity grew bigger until the member reaches 150 people with an age range of 6 – 90 years. Therefore, in 2013 Kang Zaini changed this group activity into a formal community, namely Hong community. Since this community has a diverse age of the member, there is a differentiation of the member role within this community. The children act as the game player while the adults play a role as facilitator, toys maker and/or speaker in an event. The activity of this community gained more public attention as it supports education especially children characteristic development, tourism, culture, and entrepreneurship development of its member. Therefore, in 2012 a foundation namely Hong Pekarangan Nusantara Foundation was established to facilitate all Hong Community activities primarily research and development of traditional games. The experiences of Hong Community to introduce the value of traditional games especially for the children development not only in Indonesia area but also abroad (Japan and Australia).

Workshop: Let’s Play!!
Workshop activity of Utrecht Indonesia Day 2017 will be held in collaboration with Hong Community. This workshop will be divided into two sections. The first and short section will invite the audience to create traditional toys using coconut leaves. At the end of this session, the audience may bring back their hand make toys as a memento. The second and longer one will invite the audience to go back to the joy of childhood period. Utilising the sarong (traditional Indonesian clothes), we hope to induce and stimulate the audience’s imagination in an interactive activity.

Making keris (Javanese swords) from janur (coconut leave).
Playing with sarung (Indonesian Traditional Clothes).

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